Out of Balance Thyroid – Here’s What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You

Most people don't know, but about 12% of the Americans have developed thyroid disease, but about 60% of them never find out about it. This can become a serious problem, so it is good to know all the facts.

Out of Balance Thyroid – Here’s What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You

If the thyroid is out of balance, it can cause severe medical conditions. Since the thyroid affects numerous body functions, such as regulation of weight, mental stability and mood, it is important to know all the symptoms of thyroid problems that can occur.

Sore Joints and Nerve Pain

According to research, thyroid illnesses, each hypo- and hyperthyroidism can lead to nerve pain in some men and women who endure from thyroid illnesses. This signifies that many folks need to check their thyroid if they want to improve their wrist discomfort and tingling sensations.

Weak, Fragile Fingernails

If you have trouble with your nails, such as cracking and flaking, you should know that may be a sign that something is not right in your body. Also, keep an eye on dry skin and brittle hair

Constant Fatigue

If you sleep well and have plenty of rest, the feeling of fatigue can be an indicator of something. This can be a sign of thyroid problems in the early stage, so watch out for that.

Anxiety and Mood Imbalances

If your hormone levels are low, you might feel mood imbalance, and that is also the case with high hormone levels. You should regularly check your thyroid and keep an eye on mood swings.

Low Libido

The thyroid is mainly about the hormones, so it is no wonder that men and women encounter issues with their reproductive organs. In women, these problems can manifest as long and far more frequent menstruation with low hormones and quick, light menstruation, or have a cycle stop altogether, with also many hormones circulating in their body. These thyroid issues can also affect fertility. In males, normally infertility, low libido, or enlarged breasts are the symptoms that indicate that the sex hormones and the thyroid are imbalanced.


With hormonal misbalance energy levels can be a bit lower since the thyroid is connected to your metabolism and energy levels. If you sleep well and eat good, but you still feel tired, something can be wrong, so you might check your thyroid.

Heart Disease

If you have heart problems, then it is maybe the time to check your thyroid too. The thyroid hormones play a big role in the heart health, so heart disease can be caused with misbalance of these hormones

Gaining or Losing Weight

If you suddenly lost or gained weight without any obvious reason, it might be a sign of a thyroid problem. Activity with these hormones can affect your metabolism directly, so sudden weight change can be an indicator of thyroid problems.

Stomach Problems

If your digestion doesn’t work properly, that doesn’t always have to be caused by IBS. It can be the result of the poor metabolism. If you checked everything else, and you still have gut problems, try checking your thyroid, since it can be directly connected to it.

Too Low or Too High Cholesterol

Many people think that too much fat raises the cholesterol levels. This is incorrect, as a result of that, there are a number of aspects that can add to high cholesterol; diet plan is just a little factor compared to the other ones. If you cannot do away with this problem by adhering to a diet and also working out, you must take into consideration that there is a covert problem. This situation could be a case of hypothyroidism, or low thyroid bodily hormone degrees, which can sometimes even cause low cholesterol degrees.

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