Avoid Heart Attack with These 5 Simple Things

Only in America heart disease takes more than one million lives every year. The most common heart problem, and one of the most serious ones is heart attack.

Avoid Heart Attack with These 5 Simple Things


If any part of the heart becomes clogged or blocked a heart attack can occur and the most common reason is when plaque builds-up inside the arteries, blocking the blood flow. When the heart attack occurs and the blockage is not clear, you can have serious heart problems in your future.

Here are five easy life changes that you can apply and decrease risk of heart attack for 80%.

  1. A Healthy Diet

The main thing to do if you want to protect your heart is to avoid trans-fats and get rid of the habit of eating processed foods. That means no fast food. There is, of course, the things you know – unhealthy snacks, sugars and refined carbs.

You should introduce a large amount of veggies to your diet, as well as organic foods and high-quality healthy fats. You can prepare your meals on coconut oil, eat organic eggs and add raw nuts to your diet. Only then you will protect your heart from severe diseases.


  1. Are Fruits Healthy For Your Heart?

A recent study has shown that people who consume fruits daily have 40% lower risk of heart disease and 32% of lower risk of death overall. But, of course, you should check your insulin, because fruits are full of sugar.

You should choose wisely what you eat, even when it comes to fruits, so try to eat organic apples, cherries or bananas, and it them in moderation.


  1. Diabetes Medicine Are Bad For Your Heart

New study shows that using of metformin can lower your thyroid-stimulating hormone levels, and if that level becomes really low, you are at the risk of damaging your heart.

If you have type 2 diabetes, it can easily be solved even without drugs. So, try to keep your heart healthy, and don’t use drugs you don’t need.

  1. Reduce alcohol consumption

Overconsumption of alcohol drinks can cause many severe problems in our body, and one of them is heart attack. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should stop drinking entirely, but the recommended dosage is between 10 to 30 g per day.


Besides heart problems, alcohol can also damage other organs in our bodies, just like liver, kidneys and others.

  1. Stop smoking

One out of five deaths caused by heart diseases are closely connected to smoking, so every cigarette you smoke will bring you closer to heart attack.

It doesn’t help if you are around people who smoke too, because second hand smoke can also cause heart diseases and lung cancer, even if you don’t smoke.


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