Are you addicted to exercise?

Be smart and exercise smart

Are you addicted to exercise?

If you’re a person that’s into exercising, you’re on a good way towards getting that perfect body you’ve been dreaming of. If you’re someone that’s into exercising too much (in terms of killing yourself on every machine, doing as many reps as your body can handle, running for more than you were supposed to), you could be in a heap of trouble. Of course, exercising in general is a very good thing, but can there be such a thing as too much of it?

If your routine consists of so many exercises that you need a piece of paper to write them all down, then the answer should be yes. If skipping one day of exercise makes you stressed and nervous, then the answer is still yes. So, it’s obvious that there are cases where too much exercising can be dangerous, not only that the term exists (“too much exercise”).

There are some ways that will help you get a load off, and hopefully, stay away from working out more than you were supposed to, and we are very glad to share them with you:

Pick complementary workouts. If you wish to overdo it and double up, feel free to mix up cardio with your strength training, as doing two similar workouts can and will put a lot of unnecessary stress on your body.

Skip a day (minimum) every week. Resting is a crucial part of fitness in general, it’s as important as eating well. As exercise can wear down your body, you’ll need a good rest period to get back on the track.

Eat enough. Simple, the more you exercise, the more food you’ll need. Avoid underrating, as it’s dangerous for your bones.

Pause when you’re tired and/or injured. You simply have to, no matter what. You don’t want to risk heavier injuries.

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