5 Shoulder Workouts That You Should Consider

Your shoulders play a significant role when doing any upper body workout...

5 Shoulder Workouts That You Should Consider

Your shoulders play a significant role when doing any upper body workout and because of this, it is important to develop strong muscles for better performance as well as toned physique. It’s not uncommon to find guys who want to build stronger shoulders head to the corner of the gym to do single-joint dumbbell workout, overhead presses, and other external rotations to achieve that toned shoulders but doing the same types of workout over and over again may not be good for you in the long run.

If you’re looking to break the monotony of your workout, here are 5 shoulder workouts that you should consider.

Standing Dumbbell Press 

Dumbbell presses while sitting is boring. In standing dumbbell press, you are stimulating the growth of your shoulders better than doing sitting dumbbell press. Although the weight you’ll be lifting is lower than before, standing presses requires you to become more stable which means you need to engage your core to help create that balance while you push your shoulders to execute dumbbell presses while standing. To do this, stand with your feet at shoulder width apart with a dumbbell in each hand. Raise your dumbbells to eye level with elbows at a 90 degree angle. Engage your core then push the dumbbells up and together as you extend your elbows to 180 degrees. Hold this pose for a few seconds before going back to your original position.

Body Saw 

If you’re stuck at home, this workout can help you with working your shoulders out. Start in a plank position then slightly pinch or retract your shoulders blade so your upper back won’t be rounded. Next, drive your body away from the hands while still maintaining your plank pose. This will cause your legs to extend 6 to 8 inches backwards. Go back to your first position without relaxing your muscles. Do this as many reps as you can without losing the rigidness of your pose.

Bent-over Reverse Fly 21 

This exercise targets you rear delts while at the same time working the front heads and medial. Use light weights in order to perform this exercise properly. Start by bending over with your knees bent slightly and your core engaged. Do the first seven repetitions with your palms facing one another. Retract your scapula, squeeze, and resist the negative of the weights. The next seven reps should be done with a prone grip or your palms facing down. Your pinkies should lead out while you squeeze your rear delts for each rep. Do a forward raise for the last seven reps with your grip on the dumbbells in neutral. Your shoulders should be down when you raise and lower your dumbbells.

Elevated Push-up off the Stairs 

Face away from the stairs then go in a push-up position with your feet placed on the first step. Do a solid and rigid push-up without any sag in your lower back. Do 15 reps. Make your way up the stairs while doing this exercise the following days. This exercise targets your core as well as overall strength.

Lateral Raises with Kettlebells 

Kettlebells will include more obstacle to your lateral raises because of their weight. You need to concentrate on squeezing your deltoids instead of letting momentum take control of. Get your kettlebells and hold them in your corners. With your wrists locked and your elbows bent a little, raise the kettlebells out to your sides till your arms are parallel to the floor. Turn your thumbs downwards at the height of the contraction to target your side delts. for a couple of seconds then get back to your position.

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