15 Foods and Beverages That Can Fight Cancer!

Yes, food can beat cancer as well. Find out here which ones you'll need!

True, cancer is a disease we all fear, and there are so many different forms that it can feel overwhelming to try to prevent them all. If you’ve already been diagnosed with cancer, it becomes crucial to make sure that your body is getting the nutrients it needs to help battle it back and support the body during treatment.

Here are some of the foods and drinks that have each shown to be beneficial in the fight against cancer, and preventing it from happening in the first place.


The sulforaphane in cauliflower is what’s been shown to provide the anti-cancer effect. It’s released when you chew it up, so make sure you chew it thoroughly, at least 20 bites before swallowing it.

The great part about it is that these substance only seeks out and destroys cancer cells, leaving your healthy cells alone. How’s that for being a cancer bully? There are plenty of recipes available that will help you to start adding more cauliflower to your meals, as it makes a great side dish, or a companion to broccoli, which also made this list.


Carrots got the label of being good for the eyes, but recent research suggests that they are also helpful in the fight against cancer. The findings show that at least in mice increased carrot intake was responsible for slowing down the growth of prostate cancer. This is an amazing finding, and there’s no reason not to start eating more carrots, since they already provide other well-established health benefits. It could be just a matter of time before it’s confirmed that they help with an assortment of different cancers.



Perhaps you simply like the taste of avocado and didn’t feel the need to eat it, but now there are plenty more reasons to add this into your regular list of foods to eat. They contain plenty of nutrients, but in particular they have antioxidants which have been shown to help reduce the risk of cancer.

They also contain fiber, which along with other fiber-containing foods can help to reduce that risk even further. So whether you mash them up into guacamole, or add slices to a sandwich, you’ll be helping yourself greatly.



Rather than eating grapes directly it may be better to ingest a grape extract, or drink grape juice. It is the same substance that is in red wine that you’re after, and grapes can serve as a substitute for those that don’t wish to drink wine. It’s the resveratrol that you’re after, and this has been a topic of some debate as to whether it actually works, or whether it’s all just a way to sell supplements and tout anti-cancer benefits. It’s up to you to decide what you believe, and how much scientific data you require before adding a food to your diet.



Raspberries, and berries in general, are loaded with antioxidants, and have been shown again and again to help reduce the amount of free radical damage done to the body. This helps to provide anti-inflammatory support which in turn helps to prevent cancer, and helps the body heal itself, stay youthful, and have more energy. All the more reason to start eating more raspberries. They make a great addition to a smoothie, and you can drink one to your health by adding other smoothie-friendly foods from this list.

Source: bembu.com
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