5 Fitness Terms That Shouldn’t Exist Anymore

Analysing the top five useless words, we give you our opinion.

5 Fitness Terms That Shouldn’t Exist Anymore

1. The Core

There are many people who disagree with this word and which part of the body it might belong to – some say the core is the upper body, some say it’s the hips. But whatever you do, just stop saying “core.” There’s no use in it, nor is it important.

2. Functional Training

The word “functional” showed up not long ago, and all of a sudden even smart people are having clients and athletes squat on balance beams. Somehow, juggling balls while lunging across a thin board over a tank of sharks helps you more than squats, benches, and deadlifts. How about that? Volunteer at a local rugby team to be a part of it. Run down the field with your eyes closed as fast as you can after the ball gets kicked. And please, tell us how it went.

3. Cardio

Since the jogging craze of the 1970s, we’ve all been crazy about the word cardio.
You know that the idea of cardio has skyrocketed when a basketball player – who plays two games a week and runs up and down the court five days a week in practice – asks, “I lift weights, but what should I do for my cardio?” It happens.

4. Hydration

Drinking water is good. When you hear the word ‘hydration’ for the first time, this fancy concept of how good drinking fluid during sports is might have come from a company selling water with a few crystals of salt and sugar in it. It’s simple – to get rid of fraud, turn to drinking water and nothing else.

5. Fraud

Be aware that lifting weights makes you stronger, and big, strong people eat big and sleep big. Be skeptical by realizing that there’s no magic in body compositions, strength, or sports. It’s simple – eat a lot of protein, sleep more and drink more water.
It will help your functional core hydrate while doing cardio.

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