5 Beginners Mistakes To Avoid When Deadlifting

Famous bodybuilders give essential advice to rookies

5 Beginners Mistakes To Avoid When Deadlifting

If you are new in lifting, it is essential to know the DO’s and DON’Ts in order to prevent injuries. Some of the biggest deadlift names, like Ronnie Coleman, Bill Kazmaier, and Mark Rippetoe share their secrets and advice on how to body build and lift safely. They all argue for strong back necessity, ’strong back equals strong man’.

So, here are the 5 common mistakes beginners make:

  1. Your Bottom Is Too Low

The deadlift is not the same as a squat. Do not take the full squat position. Your hips should be higher, closer to a half-squat position, and your shoulder blades over the barbell at the start. Do not start too low, since the barbell will end up too far in front of your body and it is not good tor your back.

  1. Your Feet Are Too Wide

Widen your feet as if you want to do a standing vertical jump. The good width is your shoulder width or even closer, hip-width.

  1. You’re Curling the Weight

The most common injury occurs when a lifter is trying to lift more that he/she can deadlift. Do not push yourself too hard, because the majority of injuries occur precisely when a person is trying too hard.

  1. You’re Wearing Gloves

When you have gloves, you cannot ’feel’ the bar, and it becomes harder to grip. Mark Rippetoe said it best: “If you must wear gloves while lifting, make sure they match your purse.”

  1. You’re Warming Up Wrong

The importance of the proper warm-up is essential. Make sure you do it and prevent the injuries. Nothing warms you up for heavy deadlifts like lighter deadlifts.

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