20 Brilliant Tips to Never Have Spoiled Food Again

And how to cut your grocery bill in half

20 Brilliant Tips to Never Have Spoiled Food Again

Here are simple and brilliant tips to never have spoiled food again. Learn how you can extend the lifespan of your food.

1. Honey

It is possible to extend the shelf-life of raw honey by using a clean, sealed glass jar to store the honey. The jar should be placed in a cool and dark area. Don’t forget that honey is considered to be one of foods that have longest shelf-life.

2. Eggs

Just like many others foods, you can freeze the eggs. The most convenient way to do this is to crack the eggs and use an ice cube container to store them. Add some sugar or salt, so that the eggs won’t turn grainy.

3. Tomato sauce

The tomato sauce should be poured in a commercial freezer bag and left until it’s frozen. After 60 minutes, take the freezer bag out and use the back of a kitchen knife to create separate portions.

4. Bananas

Use a cling wrap to wrap the stems of bananas in case you want to eliminate or slow down the emergence of dark/brown sports

5. Herbs

It is possible to make herbs last forever. Choose the herbs you want to store and use a small amount of olive oil before you freeze them.

6. Broccoli, celery and lettuce

These healthy veggies will last longer and keep their freshness in case they are wrapped in aluminum foil and put in the refrigerator.

7. Onions, potatoes and apples

Each of these foods must be stored on their own because if they are stored together their shelf-life will drop. In addition, try to store potatoes in a dark place.

8. Onions

Create a knot between all the onions with the help of a pair of (new) nylon stockings. In this way the onions will last 7-8 months. The fresh air and the fact that they are not clustered will extend their shelf life.

9. Berries

Take the berries while they are fresh and place them in a bowl filled with vinegar and water (1:10 ratio). After that, drain the mixture well in a sieve and leave it until it gets dry.

In this way you will eliminate all the harmful micro-organisms and make the berries last longer.

10. Veggies

In order to extend the shelf-life of veggies, you should first blanch them a little bit and freeze them after that.

11. Carrots

In case you want to make carrots last longer, put them in sand and keep them in a dark place.

12. Apples

This fruit lasts for a long time naturally. If you keep them in the refrigerator, they are able to remain fresh for half a year. Of course, if you keep them for such a long time, make sure that some of them are not rotten from time to time because it can affect the others.

13. Lettuce

Use paper towel to wrap lettuce in order to make it last longer. In this way, the moisture it contains will be absorbed by the paper towel and prevent spoilage.

14. Cheese stored in buckets

Cheese stored in buckets will extend its shelf-life two times if you keep it upside-down.

15. Mince

If you have leftovers from mince meat, store it in a freezer bag and make sure that it is properly frozen in the fridge. After 60 minutes, take out the bag and use a knife to create individual portions. This procedure is the same as the one used for tomato sauce.

16. Cheese

Keep the cheese in paper resistant to grease. Your cheese will last much longer and it won’t lose its properties including the specific taste.

17. Replace the plastic containers

Experts advise the use of clean glass jars instead of the common plastic containers. This will certainly extend the shelf-life of any food.

18. Cakes

Cakes can last longer than usual if you put two slices of white bread in the place where the cake is cut. Bread will keep the moisture away from the air and won’t allow the cake to dry.

19. Scallion

Put the spring onions in water if you want to support their growth. Whenever you need some, they will be completely fresh and very tasty. Use the bulb to grow new scallions.

20. Pineapple

Get rid of the crown on top of the pineapple and put the pineapple right on its head. This is the best way to keep pineapple tasty for a long time.

With the help of these innovative solutions the food you may extend the shelf-life of your food which ultimately means saving money.

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