13 Cucumber Health Facts

This vegetable wreaks benefits, and it does not reek at all.

13 Cucumber Health Facts

A very down sure good for you, humble and often overlooked crop such as the cabbage and both are chocfull of nutrition.

This vegetable wreaks benefits, and it does not reek at all. It is so mildtasting that people think it tastes boring, but if you think about it more and have good, fresh cucumbers they are more complex than just tasting watery.

They are so easy to grow and farms that are just starting up can grow these so easily, their green vines and little yellow flowers beautify the place too.

1. It’s like taking an allinone supplement. Even though we fondly know they are around 95% water … that is some pretty good water the 5% is turning it into. Cucumbers are complete with the full scope of B vitamins from 16.

It is also packed with Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium and Zinc. Betacarotene and Vitamin C are on the list too, not to mention they have Vitamin K which strengthens bones along with Calcium.

Sounds like a fantastic remedy for many things such as headache, mood soothing or overall good health.

2. They fill you up pretty good. They are not empty calories, candy and junk is. Cucumbers may below in fat but they keep you full longer than you ‘d expect from this veggie since it is also has some carbohydrate amount to it and as we mentioned B vitamins to keep you active and your blood going.

Nothing beats a cup of coffee but cucumber stick sir?

3. They are only about 15 calories per 100g. Mixing this up in salads and sides to meat dishes alongwith veggies like cabbage are mild tasting and easy to blend into mealsinstantly filling you up with varied nutrition.

4. Antimirror fog.I just giggled inside imagining myself with a cut cucumber and rubbing the cut endon the mirror. It does prevent fogging up and leaves a mild fragrance that is spalike. Toothpaste works too but leftover clean cucumber slices that you don’t want to eat are cheaper.

5. Placed in aluminium or tin containers and left out, this actually freaks out the pests. Yes fun factleaving out some cucumber bits on tin causes a chemical reaction that drives slugs and others pest upset. We humans can not detect it though.

6. The plant nutrients in cucumber are also ideal for cosmetic products. Rubbing cucumber on yourskin especially on problem areas that need more plumpness and firmness will reintroduce collagen to produce. Great for wrinkles too.

7. Like coconut water they are extremely refreshing and seem like they have more water than water.
Eat some cucumber slices before bed after drinking will give your brain much more water storage, thus preventing headaches. The brain is mostly water too.

8. For your leather shoes, replace bananas. Polishing your shoes with a cucumber after wiping themwith a clean cloth can add a glimmering sheen and a certain extent of waterproofing.

9. The consistency of the wetness of cucumber can get rid of hinge squeaks! It must be the collagenand water content combined.

10. Spa treatments are always expensive and so much cheaper done at home. Another homeremedy you can do is boil a cut up cucumber in a pot of boiling water. Stay by the boiling water to accept the aroma therapeutic effects and the clean steam. The steam will open up all your pores especially on your face making pimple extraction a lot safer. You can even let the cucumber pulp cool and rub it on your face and skin in the shower perhaps mixed with other natural products to make a scrub such as brown sugar, sea salt, oils, etc.

11. Breathe freshener! Wow it keeps getting more and more useful. Munching on cucumbersthoroughly for even a minute can eliminate most of bad breath. Mixing this with lemon in your water is a great mint replacement.

12. The new green way of polishing! Cucumbers are less sticky than bananas so it is good news tohear that they can polish things. Not only shoes but stainless steel surfaces.

13. Crayon and pen erasers. What? Now you go to try this. The skin of the cucumber can erasesome pen and crayon marks on the walls!

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