10 Things You Should Know About Shampoo If You Have Dyed Hair

With dyeing your hair comes the responsibility of keeping it fresh, and these 10 tips are things you should know about shampoo if you have dyed hair.

10 Things You Should Know About Shampoo If You Have Dyed Hair

Whether you have your hair colored at home or at a salon, you want the shade to last as long as possible. You did not just spend all that time, money, and energy for nothing!

I don’t dye my hair, but I have used henna in the past. Putting on henna is such a tiring process! You have to mix it, put it on your hair, wrap your hair up, and put a plastic bag over it. I know that might not sound too bad, but you have to leave the henna on your hair for a couple hours.

Also, the cleanup process is annoying. I almost spent two hours cleaning up the bathroom from the henna. Very exhausting to say the least. But honestly, all that work was worth it. I had fresh black hair, I changed up my look, and my hair felt so good.

The color lasted a while, too, because of my upkeep! I had to switch up my shampoos and the way I shampooed my hair, as well. With dyeing your hair comes the responsibility of keeping it fresh, and these 10 tips are things you should know about shampoo if you have dyed hair.

1. Color safe shampoo

To extend the life of your dyed hair, color safe shampoo is a must-have! Color safe shampoos have a layer of protection that will prevent your dyed color from bleeding. You didn’t spend all that money on your hair for your color to be gone because of regular shampoo. Invest in a good one!

2. Skip the shampoo before you dye

Before retouching your hair color, do not shampoo it! Leave it a little bit dirty because the dye or bleach may burn your scalp since it won’t have the natural oils to protect it. Ouch!

3. After care

After dyeing you hair and washing the color out, wait a couple of days before washing your hair again. You need to let the freshly dyed hair color settle in without stripping out the color! If you’re having trouble waiting it out, check out # 9!

4. Less is more

I was the worst at this rule up until recently. I have so much hair that I kind of ignore the “quarter size” amount of shampoo rule. But honestly, a quarter size is all I ever needed. The more shampoo you use, the more foam it creates. Having too much foam prevents you from massaging the shampoo into your hair properly.

5. Avoid hot water

I know this sounds crazy and impossible, but try your best to avoid using hot water on your hair when shampooing. Doing a cold rinse will help seal the cuticle and keep your color bright and fresh. Shower your body with hot water and wash your hair out with cold. You can do it!

6. Clarifying shampoos

If you have chemically treated light hair, you should use a clarifying shampoo. It helps to dissolve product and natural buildup that can make your light hair appear yellow. But for the brunettes who used this before dyeing their hair, stop using it! Clarifying shampoos will strip and fade your dyed hair color away fast! Get rid of it. I repeat, get rid of it!

7. Shower head filter

The water we use isn’t always the safest. There can be chemicals and chlorine in the water we shampoo our hair with. Yuck! Having a shower head filter will help filter out all the harsh chemicals from the water, making your dyed hair color last longer!

8. Blondes

If you’re a blonde dealing with brassiness, then purple shampoo will be your savior! It will keep your blonde hair looking so fresh. This is not an everyday shampoo and should only be used twice a week.

9. Don’t wash as often

Washing your hair daily strips the hair of natural oils, which cause your scalp to work harder to produce more oils. This is a cycle many fall into. The more hair washing you do, the more the dyed color gets stripped away. When I feel the need to wash my hair, I push the date back by wearing my hair in braids. It hides the oils and looks good while doing so.

10. Sulfate-free shampoo

Sulfate-free shampoos do not contain harsh detergents that strip away your dyed hair color. These shampoos are gentler on the hair and don’t foam up as much as other shampoos. Just because it doesn’t foam up as much doesn’t mean it’s not doing it’s job in the cleaning department. So do not add more product thinking it will suds up more– learn from me!

Don’t forget these tips the next time you dye your hair! What’s your favorite tip to keep your dyed hair fresh? Comment to let us know!

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