10 Reasons you Should be Eating Turmeric

Forming an integral part of Indian cooking and found in many curries, turmeric offers a variety of health benefits. Containing more antioxidants than even wheatgrass – over 300 – turmeric is one ingredient that you should be including in your recipes. Take a look at the below list for our run-down of the top 10 benefits turmeric has to offer.

1. Turmeric helps arthritis 

The juice of turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory properties which, among other ailments, treats the pain caused by arthritis. Becoming more active in juice form, Curcumin is one of the primary antioxidants in turmeric.

2. It helps Alzheimer patients

Suffering slow memory loss, Alzheimers is a serious neurological disorder without a cure. Turmeric has been shown to reduce brain pathway inflammation by blocking the COX-2 enzyme.

3. Turmeric prevents cancer

With antioxidants being one of the primary agents in the fight against cancer, turmeric stands as a prominent catalyst. Turmeric’s 300+ antioxidants reduce free radical growth within the body and reduce the risk of cancer cells developing.

4. It treats digestive issues

Often overlooked, indigestion can get seriously painful. Turmeric increases the body’s metabolism, speeding up the rate at which food is digested and lowering the chance of indigestion developing.

5. Turmeric reduces acidity

If the pH level in the body is off-key, stomach acids can build up. This can lead to painful acid reflux as well stomach ulcers.


6. It reduces body toxicity

Toxicity within the body can lead to problems such as acne, in addition to serious blood infections. In severe cases, toxicity has even been known to lead to cancer. Curcumin helps to remove toxins from the body by flushing your system.

7. Turmeric helps keep the heart healthy

By maintaining cholesterol levels within the blood, turmeric helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes that are caused by its buildup. It also prevents the development of arterial plaque which causes clots around the heart.

8. It promotes liver health 

Turmeric juice has been shown to help manage the balance of bili verdin and bili rubin, two liver secretions vitally important to keeping a healthy liver.

9. Anti-aging benefits 

As you know, turmeric is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants hold strong anti-aging properties and can help keep your skin, hair and body in good health.

10. Turmeric treats diabetes 

Offering sustained relief to patients who suffer from type-2 diabetes, turmeric triggers the metabolism of sugars, preventing them from storing as fat.

Turmeric offers a real spread of benefits to those who use it. Let us know which is most beneficial to you in the comment box below!

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