10 Common Foods You Had No Idea Come From China

China is also one of the most polluted regions on the planet, as its air is toxic, and 70% of the rivers are polluted, so products are rich in toxins and by-products that leak in the environment.

10 Common Foods You Had No Idea Come From China

You must have heard the news that the Chinese have started to produce fake rice, out of plastic. Undoubtedly, the situation has escalated to an extreme level.

There is no doubt that the ingestion of even small amounts of plastic has detrimental effects on the hormones and digestive system. Plastic contains a chemical compound, BPA, which mimics estrogen and its ingestion raises the levels of this hormone to extremely high levels.

To be clearer, its ingestion leads to breast cancer almost without exceptions. This is only one case of the many which warn about the effects of the consumption of foods produced in China.

They constantly produce cheap and fake foods, and their innovative technologies have endangered our health and wellbeing through the use of toys, gadgets, technology, foods, and so on.

Another interesting fact that should convince you to avoid food from China is the finding of a study conducted in 2015. Namely, the air in Beijing is so polluted, that it causes the same damage to the lungs as 40 cigarettes a day.

China is also one of the most polluted regions on the planet, as its air is toxic, and 70% of the rivers are polluted, so products are rich in toxins and by-products that leak in the environment.

China is the greatest world pesticide producer, so foods produced there are full of pesticides.

These are the 10 most common foods which have been made in China:

Chinese Apple Juice

More than a half of the apples the United States are Chinese, and China is the biggest pesticide producing country worldwide. What’s more, they have no laws on addressing chemical and pesticide residue on foods.

Chinese Garlic

Tainted garlic has been found by the inspectors in the United States in great amounts. Moreover, 31% of the garlic in America comes from China. Chinese garlic is sprayed with harmful chemicals which leave a bad aftertaste.


The US Department of Agriculture in 2013 approved the sale of chicken from China in the United States, and even though experts were greatly worried about the quality of this meat which originates from a country high in cases of avian influenza and food-borne illnesses, it is present on the market in great amounts.

China produces more pesticides than any other country in the world.

Cod Fish

This fish type is farmed in china, and more than half of the American cod comes from China. It is produced and kept in really unhealthy conditions, living in its own waste.

Tilapia Fish

It is a common type of fish farmed in China, and 80% of the tilapia in America is imported from China. It is extremely harmful and full of toxins and chemicals.

This fish is being kept in a small pool of waste water and fed with all kinds of dangerous waste and compounds. Another important fact that you should consider is that in China, the seafood farmers do not allow their children consume the seafood they farm.

Green Peas

Fake green peas have been discovered in China in 2005, and they are still produced. They are made of soy beans, snow peas, green dye and sodium metabisulfite, which is a chemical commonly used as a preservative or bleach.

The dye used has been banned to be used on food as it prevents the natural absorption of calcium in the body and may lead to cancer. These green peas remain hard when cooked, and color the water in green.

Processed Mushrooms

An inspection by the American inspectors has found high amounts of tainted mushrooms from China. 34% of processed mushrooms in America come from China.

Some Chinese manufacturers label them as organic just to raise their profits. Therefore, make sure you buy only from local, organic and tested sources.

Industrial Salt

For a period of 13 years, industrial salt has been sold as table salt even though it is unfit for ingestion, and may lead to physical and mental issues, disorders of the reproductive system, as well as hypothyroid issues.

Mud (Sold As Black Pepper).

Believe it or not, there are no regulations about the safety of food in China, which results in various dangerous processes of making food. Thus, a Chinese vendor has been found to sell mud as black pepper, and flour as white pepper! Outrageous!

Plastic Rice.

It is not a myth, and plastic rice is really produced in China. People believe it is made from potatoes and a fake, synthetic resin. If boiled, it remains hard and can not be cooked as the regular rice. Its long-term effects lead to cancer.

These are 10 of the worst foods you can consume in your life. It is not easy to recognize whether your food has been produced in China, so make sure you always buy your products from a local farmer you know, or a good, local market or grocery store.

Here is a list of more foods to avoid from China: AltHealthWorks.com

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